Friday, February 3, 2012

Plastic Canvas Bug Keeper

Large Yarn Needle

Plastic Canvas #7 Mesh Sheet (13 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches)- Clear
2 Plastic Canvas Circles - 3 inch
Plastic Canvas Cord or Yarn

Cut the plastic canvas sheet in half.  You will have two 6 3/4 inch by 10 1/2 pieces.

Trim off any cut squares.

Hold plastic canvas and turn in a landscape orientation.  Start in lower right hand corner and count 5 squares to the left. 
Cut from the bottom to the top in the sixth square.
Cut a 24 inch piece of cord and thread the yarn needle.
Roll the plastic canvas into a tube.  Two sets of squares should cross over each other.

Starting on one end of the tube where the edges cross, tie a square knot.

Sew the two edges together and tie off at the end.  I used a diagonal stitch. 

Cut a 36 inch piece of cord and thread the yarn needle.

Sew one of the 3 inch circles to the end of the tube.

With the second circle, cut the center of the circle out.  This is the bug opening.

Cut a 8 square by 10 square piece of scrap plastic canvas.  This will be the bug door.

Sew the bug door to the circle covering the opening.

Sew the circle with the bug door to the end of the tube.

Cut a 24 inch piece of cord and tie it to both ends of the tube for a handle.

You are ready to catch some bugs.

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