Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bottle Spinner Whirligig

Markers or Paint Pens or Acrylic Paint
Wood Burning Tool

2 Liter Plastic Bottle With Lid
Carbon Paper
Cotter Pin or Coat Hanger Wire
Fishing Swivel
Paper - Legal Size
Plastic Lacing
Wee Pony Beads (7 mm)

Remove the label from the bottle and wash with soapy water.  Drain and let the bottle dry.

Chose a design and draw it on paper.  I used a cookie cutter in the shape of a butterfly.

Fold your legal size piece of paper in half length wise. 

Fold your paper in half again. 

Unfold your paper.

Fold your paper in half width wise to find the center.

Unfold your paper.  Trace or draw your design onto the paper using the folds as guidelines for placement.  I traced only half of the butterfly onto the paper and I alternated the height of the butterfly.

This is your pattern.

Hold the bottle upside down.

Tape the carbon paper around the bottle with the carbon side facing the bottle.

Wrap your pattern around the bottle over the carbon paper.

Use the pencil to trace your design onto the bottle.
Remove the pattern and the carbon paper.

Cut the design with the wood burning tool.

Fold the design up and out at a 90 degree angle.

Paint or color your design on the outside of the plastic.

Use the wood burning tool and make a 1/4 inch hole in the center of the bottom of the bottle.

Thread the fishing swivel onto the cotter pin.

Put the arms of the cotter pin inside the hole you made in the bottom of your bottle.

Spread the cotter pins arms open on the inside of the bottle.

Cut an 18 inch piece of plastic lacing and thread through the fishing swivel.
Tie the lacing with an overhand knot.  You can see how to tie an overhand knot Here.  This is the hanger. 

Use the wood burning tool and make a 1/4 inch hole in the center of the lid.

Cut the plastic lacing into three 12 inch pieces.  Knot one end of each piece of the plastic lacing using an overhand knot.  Thread two pony beads onto each piece of plastic lacing.  Knot the ends of the
plastic lacing.

Slide a pony bead towards each knot.

Fold the plastic lacing in half and insert through the hole in the lid.

Tie the plastic lacing in a knot on the inside of the lid using an overhand knot.

Put the bottle lid on the bottle.  Your bottle is ready to hang.

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