Monday, March 12, 2012

Foil Art Drawings

Carbon Paper
Glue (Aleene's Tacky Glue)
Glue Stick
Masking Tape
Permanent Markers
Shoe Polish - Black

Aluminum Foil - Heavy Duty
Cotton Swab
Foam Board (8 X 10)
Paper Towels

To speed up the glue drying process, use a low temp glue gun.

Make a simple sketch on a piece of paper.

Transfer the sketch to the foam board using the carbon paper.

Go over the traced lines with the Tacky Glue.

Set the foam board aside to allow the glue to dry.

Cut the aluminum foil slightly bigger than the foam board.  The foil needs to be big enough to fold the edges over the back of the board.

Cover the foam board with the glue stick and attach the foil to the foam board.

Gently press the foil to the foam board. 

Press the foil around the glue lines with a cotton swab and a paper towel.  The key word is gently, you don't want to tear the foil.

Fold the edges of the foil over the foam board.

Use a dull pencil to add details to the design.

Cover the foil surface with the black shoe polish.

Wipe the shoe polish off with a paper towel.

As an alternative you could color your design with the permanent markers.