Friday, March 30, 2012

Sandpaper Printing


Paper Towels
Sand Paper
T Shirt

Draw and color thickly a design onto the rough side of the sandpaper. 
Keep in mind that your design will print in reverse.

Insert several pages of newspaper between the shirt front and back.  This will keep the color from bleeding through to the back.

Place the sandpaper colored side down onto the shirt.

Cover the sandpaper with a piece of newspaper to protect the iron.

Use the cotton setting on the iron.  Iron the paper to transfer the design to the shirt.

Carefully lift the corner to check the image.  Re iron as needed to transfer more of the color.
Remove the sandpaper.

To set the color, place a paper towel over the design and iron again.  The extra wax from the crayon will transfer to the paper towel.

Machine wash alone in cold water.  Hang to dry.

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