Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paper Beads

Glue (Clear Drying)
Toothpicks (Round) or Plastic Straw Stirrers
Plastic Plate
Styrofoam Block

Paper Strips - You can see how to make your paper strips Here.

To keep the paper beads from sticking to the toothpicks when dry, coat the toothpick with a thin coat of petroleum jelly.

Start at the wide end of the paper strip and roll slowly and evenly around the toothpick.

Apply the glue thinly to the end of the backside of the paper strip with a paintbrush.

Finish rolling your strip.

Stick the toothpick into your Styrofoam block to allow the bead to dry.

You can seal your beads with Mod Podge or a spray acrylic.

When the beads are dry, they are ready to use.

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