Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Make Paper Strips for Paper Beads


Paper  (Newspaper, Magazines, Wrapping Paper, Construction Paper, Scrapbook Paper, etc.)

Hold your paper in portrait position.

Mark the paper on the top and the bottom in equal increments.  I am marking the paper in one inch increments.

Turn the paper into the landscape position.

Draw in a line from the first dot to the second dot on opposite sides of the paper (Right to Left.).

Then draw from the second dot on the left side of the paper to the second dot on the right side of the paper making a triangle. 

From the second dot on the right, draw a line to the third dot on the left.

Continue in this manner making the triangles until the page is full.

Cut out the triangles.

These are the strips you will need to make paper beads.

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