Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Make a Quilling Tool

Quilling tools cost about $4 a piece, this is a way to make your own quilling tool cheaply.

Drill (or a hammer and a small nail)
Sand Paper
Wire Cutter

Counted Cross Stitch Needle
Wood Axle Peg 11/32" (or a Wooden Dowel cut to size)

With the wire cutters cut the tip of the needle eye off.

Sand the end of the eye to remove the sharp edge.

Drill a hole into the end of the wood axle peg.

Place a drop of glue in hole and insert the point of the needle.  Allow the glue to dry. 

You are ready to begin quilling.

It was suggested to me that a wine cork might be easier to use for the handle.  You would just poke a hole with the needle and glue into place if needed.  No drill required.

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