Friday, February 24, 2012

Ball in Cup Game

Hand Drill with 5/64 Bit
Screw Driver

18 inch piece of Cotton Cord
1 1/4 inch Wood Candle Cup
2 1/2 inch Shaker Peg
1/2 inch Wood Bead
1 inch Wood Screw

Hand drill a 1/4 inch deep hole in the end of the wood shaker peg.

Put the wood screw in the hole of the candle cup.

Start screwing the candle cup to the shaker peg.

Thread one end of the cord into the wood bead.

Tie an overhand knot.  You can see how to tie an overhand knot Here.

Wrap the opposite end of the cord around the screw between the candle cup and shaker peg.

Tie a knot to secure the cord around the screw.  Trim off extra cord.

Finish screwing the candle cup to the shaker peg.

You are now ready to play.

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