Monday, February 6, 2012

Newspaper Basket - Diamond Weave

Clothes Pins


Measure and mark the newspaper in two inch intervals on each side of the news paper.

Draw a line connecting the markings.

Cut the newspaper into two inch wide strips the length of the newspaper.

You will need 12 newspaper strips.

Open and lay a newspaper strip flat.

Fold the newspaper strips in half lengthwise.

Open the folded strip.

Fold the edges towards the center crease lengthwise.

Refold edges together to make a 1/2 inch strip.

Repeat these steps until all strips are folded.

Start weaving from the center outward. Lay two strips down crossing each other making a plus sign.

Lay a third strip of paper on your plus sign as shown in the picture.

Weave a forth strip under and over.

Weave a fifth strip under and over.

Weave a sixth strip over, under, and over as shown in picture.

Continue adding strips to each direction. Weave over, under, over, and under until your base is six strips by six strips.

Divide the strips on one side in half and weave the halves together. Begin with the center strips, cross them, and weave under and over using all six strips. 

Your weaving now should look like a diamond.  Secure the diamond with a clothes pin.

Repeat for all the sides of the basket.

Join the diamonds by weaving the strips together.  Work with one set of six strips at a time. 

You now have a bigger diamond.   Secure with a clothes pin and repeat on all four sides.

Join the bigger diamonds by weaving the new set of six strips together.   Secure with a clothes pin and repeat on all four sides. 

To finish the basket, work with the strips in pairs, fold one strip over the other and down the outside of the basket.

Weave the strips into the basket. 

Repeat with all the strips.
Look for holes in your basket and pull the strips tight until the holes are gone.

When you are happy with your basket, cut the extra pieces of strip off.  You can secure with glue if you like.

Crease the bottom of your basket.

Your basket is done. You can seal your basket with Mod Podge or spray acrylic.

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