Friday, February 17, 2012

Wood Burning (Pyrography)

Color Pencils
Sand Paper
Wood Burning Tool

Carbon Paper

Choose a design and draw it on paper.  Make sure your design will fit on your piece of wood.
You can also find some free designs online. I am using a picture I found online. 

Tape carbon paper face down onto the piece of wood.

Tape your design on top of the carbon paper.

Trace your design with the pencil pressing firmly.

Lift the design and carbon paper to check your progress and retrace areas where needed.

Remove the paper and the carbon paper.  With a hot wood burning tool, trace over your pencil marks and add accents where desired. 
Watch where you grab the tool, it can cause a bad burn.  Keep cups of ice nearby for first aid.

Visible pencil lines can be sanded off with a fine sandpaper.

When your design is done, you can add color with colored pencils.

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