Friday, February 8, 2013

Japanese Paper Dolls

Hole Punch - one inch circle

Card Stock - White
Crepe Paper - Black
Glue Stick
Origami Paper - Solids and Prints cut into 4 inch squares

Punch a circle from the white card stock.  This will be the head.

Cut a thin strip (1/4 inch x 2 inch) from the card stock for the neck.

For the collar, cut two solid color sheets into four 2 inch squares.  

Fold two 2 inch squares in half making a triangle.

Put glue down the middle of a triangle and glue the triangles together.

Glue the neck into place.

Fold the top left flap across the middle.  Kimono lapels must always cross (doll's) left over right or you will be dressing your doll for their own funeral.

Fold the right top flap across the middle.

Fold the second left flap across the middle allowing the first layer to show.

Fold the second right flap across the middle.

For the Kimono, with a printed 4 inch square blank side up fold a 1 cm flap towards you and glue down.

Flip the paper over and fold 0.5 cm towards you and glue down.

Fold the right edge 0.5 cm and glue down.

Fold the square in half and unfold.

Glue the collar in the middle.

Fold the left side over the collar and press only the top of this fold.

Fold the rest of the left side over making a straight line down the middle.

Fold the right side over the collar and press only the top of this fold.

Fold the rest of the right side over making a straight line.  

For the Obi Belt, cut a 1 inch x 4 inch piece of solid paper.

Fold top and bottom edges to the center.

Glue the Obi belt across the body just under the collar and glue into place.  The belt is long enough to wrap around the doll.

Cut a 1 1/2 inch square of the black crepe paper.

Place the circle at the top of the crepe paper square.

Fold the sides over the circle.

Trim the crepe paper to match the top of the head.

Fold back the lower corners.

Cut a one inch crepe paper square for bangs.

Glue the bangs on top of the circle and wrap around the back.

Glue the head onto the neck.

Here are some other blogs that have instructions on how to make more Japanese paper dolls.

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