Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shell Spinner Wind Whirligig

Create colorful spinners from plastic canvas and watch these spinners add excitement in warm summer breezes.

Needle Nose Pliers (for adult use)
Wire Cutters (for adult use) 

Plastic Lacing
Pony Beads
Fishing Swivel – Size 5
Florist Wire – 18 gauge
Plastic Canvas #7 Mesh – assorted colors
Flagging Tape Roll 


Hold plastic canvas and turn in a portrait orientation.
Start in lower right hand corner and count 5 squares to the left.
Cut from the bottom to top in the sixth square.
This makes a strip.  Cut 15 strips. 

Trim cut squares off for a clean strip.

Lay out strips in the order you want to be assembled.

Curl one end of the wire with pliers.

Thread one pony bead onto the wire.  This will keep the plastic from slipping off the wire.

    Thread first strip of plastic onto the wire.  Wire should be inserted into the third hole or middle hole.  Thread a bead.  Repeat this step until all strips are threaded on the wire.

Thread 5 pony beads after last strip of plastic.

Curl bottom piece of plastic and insert the wire into third hole.  Be sure not to twist the plastic.   Thread a bead.  Repeat this step until all of the strips are curled. 
* Be sure to hold onto the wire to ensure that the strips and beads don’t spring off.

Thread 3 pony beads onto the wire.
Push down the beads so no extra wire is seen in shell.
Thread on a fishing swivel.

Cut the wire leaving about an inch or less.  DO NOT Let Go!  Curl the wire shut around the fishing swivel.

Cut plastic lacing in an eighteen inch piece. 
Thread the lacing through the swivel and tie with an overhand knot. 
See how to tie an overhand knot Here.  This is the hanger.

Cut two 24 inch pieces of flagging tape.  Roll one end and insert in the bottom loop of the wire.  Center pieces and tie.

It is ready to hang.


  1. I made one as a test for our vacation bible school. Mine hangs 'crooked' and wondered if there is a way to make it hang more straight. It seems to need more weight at the bottom.

    1. My mother and I use cord down the middle,and we use some heavy on the bottom.

    2. We also have used a wood dowel, stick

  2. Mine hangs a little crooked when all of the plastic is on the same side of the wire.

    If you add something to the bottom, let me know how it turns out!

  3. I made one and used a wire coat hanger. Worked out perfect!