Saturday, January 7, 2012

Safety Pin Bracelet

Needle Nose Pliers

40 to 50 Safety pins - Size No. 1 (Nickel or Brass)
Glass Beads Size 6/0
Elastic or Stretch Magic Bead & Jewelry Cord - Size 1 mm

Pour beads into a container to keep together.  I am using a plastic plate with a rim.

Open a safety pin and thread beads onto the front shank.  I chose to do a random pattern and was able to thread 5 - 6 beads per pin due to bead size variation.

Close the pin and flatten the head with piers to keep the pin from popping open.

Repeat until all the needed safety pins are full and the heads are flattened.  I used 45 pins for a 6 1/2 inch wrist.

Cut a 24 - 30 inch piece of elastic.  I am using Stretch Magic in clear.  Fold in half.  Do not cut the elastic; this will help keep your pins from sliding off while you are stringing your bracelet. 
* If you use sewing elastic, you will need to dip the ends into glue or fingernail polish and let dry to keep ends from fraying and to easily thread through beads.

Decide on pattern desired and lay out the pins in order of placement. 

Thread one end of the elastic through the head and the other through the tail (small circle). 

Thread a bead onto each piece of elastic.

Reverse the next pin so that head is threaded opposite of the first pin.  Thread bead onto each side of elastic.  You should have head, bead, tail, bead etc.  *This will keep your bracelet straight.

Repeat this step until all the pins needed are threaded.  * Be sure to use an odd number of pins so the pattern comes out correctly.

Cut the loop of elastic. 

Pull matching elastic ends tight and tie with an overhand knot.  An overhand knot works best. You can see how to tie an Overhand Knot here. 

Repeat for the other side.  Thread end of elastic through bead or pin and trim extra with scissors.  Glue can be added to the knot to make it more secure.

Your bracelet is ready to wear!

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