Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newspaper Basket

Paper Clips


Measure and mark the newspaper in two inch intervals on each side of the news paper.

Draw a line connecting the markings.

Cut news paper into two inch wide strips the length of the newspaper.

You will need about 21 strips.

Open and lay a strip flat.

Fold the newspaper strips in half lengthwise. 

Open the folded strip.

Fold the edges towards the center crease lengthwise. 

Refold edges together to make a 1/2 inch strip.

Repeat these steps until all strips are folded.

Start weaving from the center outward.  Lay two strips down crossing each other making a plus sign.

Lay a third strip of paper on your plus sign as shown in the picture.

Weave a forth strip under and over.

Weave a fifth strip under and over.

Weave a sixth strip over, under, and over as shown in picture.

Continue adding strips to each direction.  Weave over, under, over, and under until your base is seven strips by seven strips.

For the sides of your basket, simply fold all strips upward at 90 degrees and continue weaving.

At the corners, bend your side strips (bands) and continue weaving along the base. 

Use paper clips to help hold your strip in place.

Paper clip where the strips over lap. Do not glue.

Continue weaving alternating where you start your strips until your basket is the height you want.  This basket is seven strips high.

Pull the paper clipped side bands tight starting from the bottom of the basket working your way to the top. 

When your bands are tight, glue into place. 

Use a paper clip to hold the bands till glue is dry.

Pull top strips tight.

Fold top strips over the top band.  Half of the strips will be folded to the outside and the other half to the inside of the basket.
Weave the strip down into the bands of the basket.  Do this all around the basket.

Pull the strips tight to shape basket.

Shape basket corners by creasing corners.

Crease bottom of the basket.

When your strips are pulled tight and your basket is shaped the way you like, glue the strips in place.

Trim the strips so they are hidden under the basket bands.

Your basket is done.  You can seal your basket with Mod Podge or spray acrylic.

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