Friday, October 11, 2013


Hole Punch
Template (Plate, round pan, etc.)

Duct Tape
Kite String
Plastic Bag
Weight (Wooden bead, spool, or small toy.)

Cut open the plastic bag.

Unfold the plastic bag.

Trace the circle template with the marker.

Cut the traced circle out.

Fold the plastic circle in half three times.  Be sure to press firmly on the folds.

Cut the top point off.

Unfold the circle.

Cut the Duct Tape into four thin strips.

Then cut the strips in half.

Place the tape in the center of each crease mark.

Fold the tape to the back side.

Punch a hole in the center of the tape.

Cut eight pieces of the kite string the same diameter or a little bigger than your circle.

Thread each piece of string into each punched hole and tie using a square knot.  You can go HERE to see how to tie an square knot.

Bring the ends together and thread through the weight.

Tie the ends with an overhand knot.  You can go HERE to see how to tie an overhand knot.

Go outside and throw your parachute.

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