Friday, April 5, 2013

Washer Necklace


Fingernail Polish, Paint Pens, Model Paint
Metal Washers
Spray Paint - Clear Acrylic Sealer
Spray Paint - Flat White
T Shirt Yarn

Paint both sides of the washers with flat white spray paint.

Decorate the washers with fingernail polish or paint.  I am using nail art pens.

Allow the washer to dry completely.  Seal the painted side of the washer with clear acrylic sealer.

Cut the t shirt yarn 30 - 36 inches long.  This needs to be big enough to slip over your head. 

Tie the t shirt yarn around the washer using a larks head knot.  See how to tie a larks head knot HERE.

Tie the t shirt yarn ends together with an overhand knot.  See how to tie an overhand knot HERE.

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