Friday, April 26, 2013

Paper Making

Cotton Sheet cut to 12 inch by 12 inch
Dish Tub
Measuring Cup

News Paper

Lay a piece of cotton sheet on the folded news paper.

Fill the blender half full of warm water.

Tear paper into one inch pieces.  
You can also use shredded paper.

Put one cup of torn paper into the blender.

Let paper soak for 5 minutes.  
Soak torn pieces of paper overnight in a bucket of water.
Blend the mixture until the paper turns into pulp.  
Blenders should only be used by an adult.

Fill the tub with ten cups of warm water.

Pour pulp into the tub of water.

Make three more batches of pulp and add to the tub.
Stir the pulp in the tub with your hand.

Place the deckle onto the flat mold.  You can see how to make a deckle and mold HERE.

Slide the deckle and mold into the tub.
Use rubber bands to hold the deckle and mold together.

Raise the deckle and mold out of the tub.

Swish the deckle and mold left and right and front and back while the water is draining.

Remove the deckle from the mold.

Flip the mold onto the cotton sheet and news paper.

Firmly press a sponge against the screen to remove excess water.

Squeeze the sponge into the tub and repeat.

Carefully pick up mold leaving the pulp on the cotton sheet.

Continue this process until the pulp becomes thin.  One tub of pulp will make about eight to ten sheets of paper.

Hang the cotton sheets with the pulp to dry.

When the pulp is dry, carefully peel the paper off the cotton sheet.

Your paper is ready to use.

This is a video on paper making that may be helpful to you.


  1. I'll have to let my kids' grandma know about this fun project. :-) what a great lessons in how recycling works, too. I remember doing this in 4th grade and never forgot it.

    1. This could be more kid friendly by letting the torn paper soak overnight in a bucket and blending the paper with their hands.