Friday, December 13, 2013

Braided T Shirt Yarn Headband


Hair Ties
T shirt Yarn

Cut the t shirt yarn into three 24 inch pieces. You can see how to make your own t shirt yarn HERE.

Tie a loose overhand knot in the end of the three pieces of t shirt yarn.  You can see how to tie an overhand knot HERE.

Put the knotted end under the brick.

Braid the t shirt yarn.

Tie the braided ends together using a loose overhand knot.

Loop together two elastic hair ties.

Undo the overhand knot.

Thread a braided end through the knotted elastic hair ties.

Use the thread and whip the t shirt braid around the knotted elastic hair ties.  You can see how to do whipping HERE.

Trim the extra t shirt yarn.

Repeat for the second side.

Your headband is ready to wear.

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