Friday, March 8, 2013

Pull Tab Bracelet


Aluminum Pull Tabs (24 - 30 tabs per bracelet)
Ribbon - 1/4 inch or Elastic

Clean the aluminum pull tabs with soap and water.  Allow tabs to dry completely.

File any rough edges on the pull tabs.

Cut a 36 inch piece of ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half and thread the ends of the ribbon through the tab.  Make sure the rough side faces down.

Place a second tab on the back of the first tab.  Rough side to rough side.

Thread the ribbon through the new tab to the front where the holes match up.

Cross the ribbon and thread the ends of the ribbon through a third tab where the holes match up with the second tab.  Rough side to rough side.  This will make an "X".

Repeat threading steps until the bracelet fits around your wrist.


Tie the ribbon ends together.

Wrap the bracelet around your wrist.  Thread the ribbon ends through the looped end and tie a bow.

Aluminum pull tabs can be spray painted.
Use elastic cord and the bracelet can be easily slipped on and off.

Need more help, here is a video.

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